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You can’t see it, you might never have a use for it but it can be quite expensive, yet most states require its citizens to buy it. Auto Insurance is a complicated purchase: many Auto Insurance Companies claim to have the lowest price, but as policies don’t contain the same elements, it’s a matter of comparing apples to oranges. The best thing to do is to determine what you need and your budget and and then conduct a detailed Auto Insurance Comparison. But what features should you look for?

First, determine what category of Auto Insurance will be the best match for you:

  • Collision: Regardless of fault, this covers repair or replacement of your vehicle in the event of a collision.
  • Liability: If you are at fault, this covers damage and associated expenses to that which you’ve damaged except damage to your own vehicle and yourself.
  • Comprehensive: Covers the vehicle you’re driving, except in cases of collision.

Some extras that might be options include:

  • Auto rental if you’ve been in an accident and your vehicle will take awhile to repair
  • Coverage if you’re driving another vehicle; coverage for others to drive your vehicle
  • Coverage for damage incurred as a result of natural disasters, such as a tornado or flood
  • Towing / Roadside assistance
  • Loan / Lease payoff if your auto is totaled

Deductibles will vary, as will available perks. Some Auto Insurance Policies include accident forgiveness or a “payback” in which you are rewarded for not filing claims. Some let you choose the package components a la carte, so you’re only paying for what you want.

Some things that might garner you an Auto Insurance Discount include:

  • Covering multiple cars with the same Auto Insurance Company
  • Good grades, if you’re a student
  • A good driving record, which means no tickets or accidents in the last three years
  • You don’t put many miles on your vehicle
  • Auto safety devices such as antilock brakes
  • Your age, marital status, and the type of vehicle you drive as well as its value

There are many other possible Auto Insurance Discount so be sure to mention any significant details. And note the focus of the Auto Insurance Companies: Geico and Progressive focus on price, All State focuses on customer service, State Farm and Nationwide focus on dependability in a crisis. Examine the Auto Insurance Company’s slogan and website to determine their main priority. And find out how they rank before settling on an Auto Insurance Policy.

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